Mass customization e-commerce

My first Interaction Designer job was in a service e-commerce research project, where I did my master’s thesis. Kone and Tapiola were the pilot companies of my design cases.

I designed an information architecture for an e-commerce platform. It joins mass customizable product models with contextual recommendation. As a result, the design works for a variety of complex products.

Rows of the table represent product combinations. The leftmost column shows relevance points for each combination of products.

The wireframe (above) shows an insurances product model. Specifically, the image is from a situation, where a musician stores her instruments and other property at various locations.

Until now, the problem solved by this architecture exists. That is to say, it is still a challenge to understand and compare insurances.

“Future work”

It would be fun to transfer the information architecture to a modern, mobile first interface design. For example, illustrations and progressive disclosure would improve visual hierarchy a lot.

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