Mass customization e-commerce

My first Interaction Designer job was in a service e-commerce research project, where I did my master's thesis. Kone and Tapiola were the pilot companies of my design cases.



Making Oma Elisa findable

I worked as user researcher at Adage in 2008–2009. My first project was usability testing Elisa's web site.



Mobile device customization

I was lead & interaction designer for a big Android customization solution when I worked at Linja Design. It lets users personalize and operators brand devices.



Magazine publishing web site

I made interactive wireframes and a html mockup when the web site of Otavamedia, a Finnish magazine publishing company, was renewed.



Finna.fi branding and content

My main contributions to Finna were new functionality, but I also had a major role in branding and content design. I renewed Finna.fi front page content strategy and edited it in 2013–2015, visioned service introduction pages and designed them.

Access to physical materials

I designed new features that let users access physical and other difficult-to-access Finna content. I also helped to build them.

Tabs for external sources

I re-designed a badly working tab navigation UI and related search term interactions for university library Finna sites.

Search result relevance and SEO

I evaluated relevance of Finna.fi search results, designed major improvements and later implemented some, too. I also designed SEO enhancements because Google found only 20% of Finna material pages, and majority of Finna.fi users came from there.

Finna Street

I designed branding and user interface for Finna Street. It is a GPS enabled, easy to use way to access image collections.


I have prepared this initial version of my online portfolio for feedback. Timeline see more links go to Invision and Facebook, where your observations would be very welcome.