Usability test session structure

usability_test_comicsI notice that I order usability test tasks usually in the following way:

  1. Participant’s own tasks.

    “What did you do last when you used this? […] Let’s try this now.”

  2. Structured tasks.

    “Your girlfriend has birthday tomorrow. You want to buy movie tickets for you both. How would you proceed?”

  3. Review tasks.

    “Please have a look at this [part or feature of system], and feel free to tell what you think.”

Such an order minimizes priming effects caused by previous tasks. Priming effect means that what you have done a moment ago affects how you solve problems and act now.

One thought on “Usability test session structure

  1. It is good to prepare ten – twenty tasks for a test. An experienced, fast-paced user may be able to accomplish fifteen – twenty tasks, whereas an inexperienced may do seven or eight.

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